Who are the Cedar Falls Jaycees?

Simply put, they are the organization of choice for men and women 21-39 years of age who want the best opportunities for leadership development, individual development, management development and community service. It's the World's Greatest Leadership Training Organization for Young People.

What is their mission?

To provide young adults the opportunity to develop personal and leadership skills through local community service and organizational involvement while expanding the Jaycee movement.

What is their vision?

Their vision is to become the organization of choice for young adults, providing direction and leadership to their communities and nation.

Their motto is: "Leadership Training through Community Service"

What is their purpose?

The Junior Chamber organization is "a constructive action organization of young persons who devote a portion of their time to community service in the public interest, developing young persons as leaders of their community." (as described in the U.S. Junior Chamber of Commerce Bylaws and Policy Manual.)
Membership is open to all young men and women between the ages of 21 and 39 (inclusive) who are interested in developing themselves while helping their community.

Cedar Falls Jaycees offer activities in four areas:

Individual Development - Public Speaking, Job Interviews, and Personal Development

Community Development - Community Action and Charity Fundraising

Management Development - Management Training and Leadership Development International - Global Action and Involvement

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